Hydrogen on the Road

June 23rd, 2008

I have been waiting a long time to write this one. And Honda did it first. When I first learned about their hybrids a few years back using both gas and electric it seemed a bit of a waste to carry to sources of motion -gas engine and electric motor. But while considering it, the thought came to mind they could switch out the gas and have a totally new car. There is nothing simple about a hydrogen engine, but with the electric motor on the road for a few years it is not new technology allowing them to push into the new concept of hydrogen powered cars.  Cool huh!

Clarity Dash

Consider how much work went into making this dashboard look this way and it gives a sense of how much work honda puts into the finishing touches of their cars.



November 5th, 2007

Watching the DARPA challenge is really cool. These are the most advanced cars in the world doing stuff we humans take for granted.

VW Racer

The cars last year looked rather wild to match their race environment. These are more standard looking as long as you ignore the hardware mounted on top and don’t peak inside. Honda is now selling their driver assist car, I would like to see a comparison review between these, after all the Honda can take passengers and does quite well for its given conditions.

Firefighting Beetle

August 15th, 2007

Slightly off topic, but still related to modern transportation is this strange little bug:

Fire bug

What I really like about this little critter is that it is all robot and it serves a good purpose. The Germans have developed this tools to not only put out fires when they start, but to also send a communication back to headquarters. I am thinking with a saddle on that thing you could be in for a real ride – yehaw.

Not a Ferrari

August 10th, 2007


For those who are searching for a Prius, but with a bit more kick, they may soon have the option from Musk who made his fortune selling PayPall to ebay. By using a stylish car and adding thousands of AA size rechargeable batteries along with some top quality motors he has a real performer – making 0-60 in as little as 4 seconds. There may be a bit of sticker shock for those accustomed to their $25k Prius since they will be selling for around $100k. Looks like a lot of fun to me, and if any of you decide to get one be sure to let me test drive it so I can add an update to my review.


August 9th, 2007

Honda With ADAS

Humans make the worst drivers: we get tired, we have mood swings, we blink, we get distracted.

What Honda has done is add assistance to drivers for improved safety and reduced fatigue. I have been wanting something like this since DARPA first launched their autonomous vehicle competition a few years back.

What I want to know is – how can I get one in the US since so far it has only been release in litigation reasonable Britain?

Seat Cooling Cover

July 7th, 2007

Seat Cooler

Summer heat has me thinking of ways to stay cool – and this seat cooler fits the bill nicely. It uses a long water pipe in the bottom and back with a small pump that fits under your seat. The power plug (cigarette lighter plug) provides all the power it needs to cool or heat based on your needs. You can even leave it on for up to an hour while you run errands, then when you return to your car the seat will be pre-cooled and gets cooler by sitting on it. It comes with straps and clips to attach to your seat, but the clips could be a bit studier. I am considering getting one for the office as well to be more comfortable there as well.

Air Car

July 3rd, 2007

Air Car

Being this is my first post to this new site I wanted to start with a new concept car that is coming to market soon and is inspiring in many ways. To start with instead of creating heat while driving, it produces cold air. When I think of all the people of the world who live in warm or hot climates and could use cold air instead of hot, this could be a real find. This is my favorite model so far since it has the many windows. The biggest advantage for those living in a hot climate? When the compressed air is released to power the car it provides air conditioning.